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How to Stop Struggling with Anxiety and Uncertainty

This year has been, for lack of a better and more polite phrase, one gigantic sh*% show. New strain of COVID! Lockdowns! Mr. Rogers! When I hear these things, my anxiety can skyrocket. Ok, maybe not with Mr. Rogers. How are YOU? That’s a loaded question nowadays, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about you; hoping […]

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How Peer Support Training is Reducing my Imposter Syndrome

I’m in a 4-month peer support worker training. It’s led by the always encouraging Debbie Sesula, an experienced peer support trainer herself. Though I’ve been offering mental health coaching for some time, I wanted advanced education and skills to help support those who seek out my assistance. It’s an intense course with two 3-hour classes […]

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6 Ways to Increase Tolerance for Uncertainty

Anxiety Canada is presenting town hall meetings each week on guess what topic? Anxiety! And boy, the one I recently watched titled “Uncertainty during COVID-19” was so helpful!  Knowledge is power they say. Getting accurate information about anxiety, how it works, and the tips to increase ‘uncertainty tolerance’ was anxiety reducing in itself.  Most people […]

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20 Ways to Help Your Adult Child if They Have Mental Illness

As a speaker who shares her story of mental illness and recovery, I’m often asked what helped me most when I didn’t want help. What benefited me most when I was struggling and pushing people (and their assistance) away? What worked I call the “Crazy Naked Truths” (CNT). CNT are principles healthcare providers, savvy friends, […]

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Three “COVID19 Silver Linings” from a Privileged Middle-Aged White Woman

Ok before anything. Let’s take a deep breath. I’m serious. Do this with me. Inhale 1 – 2 – 3. Pause. Exhale 1 – 2 – 3. A little better?  Like many of you, if you subscribe to newsletters, many are focused on information about the unusual times we are in and what we can […]

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Dudes & Dogs ‘Walk & Talk’ Helps Men’s Mental Health

I love this initiative. Rob Osman from Bristol in the UK, who has struggled with social anxiety and depression, created a dog walking group for guys to gab about their feelings and struggles (if they so choose). He did so after he found walking his dog, Mali, was such a huge help for his own […]