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Accommodations for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities

September is fast approaching. In light of this, I thought it apropos to write a post regarding accommodations for students with mental health issues in a post secondary setting.  Creating accommodations help students who have mental illness reach their academic potential. Whether you’re advocating for yourself, or helping to advocate for someone else here are […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear? How Music Creates Well-Being for Me

Music plays a big part in my life. Sunday mornings you’ll find Gord, my husband, and I listening to Ramsey Lewis Trio, maybe Amee Mann or better yet, the sound track to Garden State. We’ll eat our French toast with (real!) maple syrup and I’ll be tapping my toes, savouring both the music and the […]

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10 Things I Wish my Health Professionals & Loved Ones Had Done to Help Me Accept My Illness Sooner

Diagnosis doesn’t equate acceptance (as many of you well know). I certainly took my sweet time in accepting my conditions. Mental illness, particularly psychosis, wasn’t something I had been striving for in my 5-year life plan.   Below are questions and approaches my family, psychiatrist, other health professionals and my friends could have used to […]

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2 Quick Tools for Yourself or Clients to Use When Anxiety & Depression Run Rampant

Anxiety has been giving me a run for my money. Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, I’m used to dealing with my uber easily triggered flight and freeze response. But in the last year anxiety has been screaming at a high pitch for long periods of time in my body and my mind. It is UNCOMFORTABLE. […]

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12 Things My Husband Does that Help When I’m Struggling with Mental Illness

Supporting a loved one with mental illness can be trying. I’ve witnessed the toll it takes on my husband. I’ve experienced it as a daughter of a mother and father who both had psychiatric conditions. A chronic mental health condition is like addiction. Even when well managed, its presence is still felt in the relationship. […]

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An Open Letter to All Hospital Emergency Ward Staff: I may be crazy but I can still hear

This week is the 68th Mental Health Week founded by the Canadian Mental Health Association! That’s a whole heck lot of talkin’, learnin’ and awareness buildin’ about mental health! My contribution this year is shedding some light on psychosis in the hopes it will increase compassion. I wrote this for my Psychology Today blog a […]

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Do you have to choose? Reconciling Spiritual Experiences with Mental Illness Diagnosis and Psychosis

There are many reasons why people don’t accept a diagnosis of mental illness. I received an email the other month from someone whose spouse had psychotic experiences and was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, the spouse believes they had a powerful spiritual experience. The spouse has agreed to see a psychiatrist, and continues to […]

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8 Tips to Help You Get the Sleep You Need and Want

I do it. You do it. Even birds do it. No, not that. I’m talking about sleep. Anyone with depression or bipolar disorder, including loved ones of those with the conditions, knows how important consistent good night sleeps are to staying well1. They cultivate equilibrium in mood, mind and heart. Sleep is important for everybody. But, […]