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Victoria’s dedicated to making your job as easy as possible. She prides herself on being responsive, flexible and fun to work with!

Here you’ll find everything you need to work with her.

If you have questions or to check her schedule, please email Victoria at [email protected]

8  Reasons to Work with Victoria

1.  Proven track record of 17 years as a speaker and 30 years as an actor.

2. A highly energizing, informative and memorable keynote speaker who has addressed audiences around the world.

3.  Uses humour and storytelling to create safe environments to talk about difficult topics.

4.  Extensive background in television and film acting, and comedy improv ensures consistent and lively audience engagement.

5.  Designs customized content and calls-to-action to address each audience’s unique needs so tangible solutions are reached.

6.  Spends time with delegates before and after every session.

7.  Extensive no-charge add-on options available with each booking.

8. Promotes each engagement with social media and tailored welcome video.

“Touching, accurate and informative. We were so impressed we recommended her as the keynote for another association’s annual conference.”
Patricia Holland, Director of Human Services, Technical Assistance Collaborative, Boston

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Rave Reviews

“Victoria is magic…the response was unprecedented. We are still receiving calls about the power of her keynote. She’s a leader in mental health education. “

Katie Hughes, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association, North & West Vancouver branch

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