Rave Reviews

"Anyone in the presence of Victoria Maxwell feels the heat of truth.
I’m grateful for how she’s poked at the stigma piñata
and left me feeling we’re not alone."

- Shelagh Rogers, CBC Radio journalist

Rave Reviews

“One of the best speakers we’ve had. Grabbed me right from the beginning: moving, educational and inspirational. A powerful way to learn about mental health. We’ll definitely try to have her back.” (Virtual Event)

 Don Romano, President & CEO, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

“We can’t thank you enough Victoria. You charged the energy in the room which totally set the stage for the next phase of the summit. You were the highlight of the event!”

Dee Cosetto, Director Global Relations & Director, Inclusion & Diversity Staffing, Cisco Systems

“The writer E.B. White said ‘Humour plays close to the big hot fire which is truth, and the reader feels the heat’. Anyone in the presence of Victoria Maxwell, Wellness Warrior, feels that heat—along with the belly laughs. I am grateful for how she has poked at the stigma piñata and left me feeling we are not alone.”

Shelagh Rogers, Officer of the Order of Canada, CBC Radio journalist & mental health advocate

“Victoria takes the painful reality of living with mental illness and turns it into something we can understand, laugh with her about. Everyone came away feeling empowered and ready to take action. Brava!”

Sue Bergeson, VP Consumer Affairs, Optum Health

Best Buy

“Victoria brought heartfelt awareness with the right touch of humour to a heavy topic. We had over 200 people on the call! With mental health awareness on the rise, I hope more companies access her amazing gifts.”

Erin O’Byrne, Mental Health & Wellness Manager, Best Buy Canada

“It was wonderful. Victoria really created an opportunity for more open discussion between leaders and team members.  The authentic way she presents her story is a great catalyst to starting conversations at a grass roots level around mental health. ”

Kerilee Snatenchuk, Director of People and Culture, ATB Financial

“Victoria is magic. The response was unprecedented. We are still receiving calls about the power of her keynotes. She’s a leader in mental health education.”

Katie Hughes, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association, North & West Vancouver branch

“Touching, accurate, informative and educational. We were so impressed we recommended her as the keynote for another association’s annual conference.”

Patricia Holland, Director of Human Services, Technical Assistance Collaborative, Boston

“Transformational! Victoria creates a willingness in people to talk about mental illness and actively reach out for help. She shifted the direction of our organization and reached people we could not otherwise reach.”

Noel Clark, Director of Talent Management, AgriVision Farm Management

“Genius. Hilarious and heartbreaking. An enthusiastic standing ovation!”

Globe and Mail

“You were undoubtedly the hit of our conference. Folks continue to talk about your humour, soul, the important messages you shared and your validation of their work.”

Rhonda Trudeau, Director, Compensation Practice & Quality, WorkSafe BC

“Thank you so much for your incredible presentation and the question and answer session with our delegates after the screening. They definitely felt the information was valuable and will help them in their roles.”

Jodi Nesbitt, President, Unifor Local 240

Victoria’s keynote and follow-up session were inspirational, moving, and motivating. Her insight, honesty and humor are a breath of fresh air, and her essential humanity transcended labels and stigma, connecting us all.

Ann Christian, CEO, Washington Council for Behavioral Health

“Fantastic workshop. The participants all fell in love with Victoria! She inspired many folks.”

Wayne McNiven, Head of Communit/Career Education, Vancouver Community College

David Roche

“Rare for an excellent writer to bring words to such vivid life on stage. Victoria has irresistible stage presence, humour and acting ability. “

David Roche, International Humorist, California

“One of the brightest stars at the UK festival. Passionate, mesmerizing and empowering.”

Moya Harris, Arts Council of England

“Simply phenomenal. One minute, people were rocking with belly-laughs, the next they were reaching for Kleenex.”

Patrick Buchannon, Executive Director, New Chelsea Society

“I loved it; funny, beautiful and profound. Her theatrical keynotes are for everyone.”

Phil Patston, President/Founder, International Guild of Disabled Artists, Australia

“Victoria’s presentations are incredibly enlightening – recommended at the highest level.”

Dr. Harry Karlinsky, Director, Continuing Medical Education, Psychiatry, University of BC

“Victoria’s session was fantastic for our leaders. She hit it out of the park and it was just what we wanted. She’s an inspiring and engaging facilitator.”

Tania Bennett, CEO, WCG Services

“Excellent! Vulnerable, insightful, intimate and honest.”

Stacy Sprague, Director of Vancouver Hospital, Employee & Family Assistance Program