Catalyst for Creativity & Courage: Intro to Storytelling Webinar

The workshop exceeded all my expectations!
Since then I’m a more competent & courageous speaker!
- Jeanette MacDonald, visual artist & author

Catalyst for Creativity & Courage: Intro to Storytelling Webinar

Would you like to:

• Kickstart your creativity?  • Boost your writing confidence?
• Unearth your stories and storytelling genius?

Well this is a chance for you to do just THAT!

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Shift your writing and creativity from ‘blah’ to ‘BAM!”. Move from your comfort zone to your courage zone.

Through creativity exercises, timed writing, and simple improv games (yup, improv on-line!) learn strategies to start writing your stories. You’ll walk away with a rough piece of writing and creative tools to put into your storytelling toolbox. No experience necessary.

Don’t want to wait until the next one is held? Hire me to facilitate it for your group. Click HERE to email me to find out more!

Together we will open the flood gates and drown the critic or at least put him in a life jacket and send him off to sea for a bit.


  1. Learn how to avoid the #1 creative barrier.
  2. Discover specific turning points essential to YOUR stories.
  3. Use improv exercises to let your creativity and courage flow.
  4. Practice how to make your writing jump off the page.

“I learned effective ways to cultivate the courage to explore & trust my inner creative spark. I highly recommend it!” – Brittney L

“Writing was a great surprise…and how quickly we were able to engage in the topics, focus and produce.” – Workshop Participant

Want to get in on the FUN?

It’s sure to ignite your creative juices and courageous energy so you can share the stories you were meant to tell.

You can join anywhere you have internet access.

No experience is needed. Only willingness!

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VICTORIA MAXWELL (BFA, BPP*) is a sought after international speaker, writer, performer and teacher. She’s been touring her one person theatrical keynotes across North America for nearly two decades. Now she teaches others how to use creativity as a catalyst to empower themselves and transform their lives. *Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bipolar Princess