That’s Just Crazy Talk

A Story about Family, Secrets and Stigma

Get Victoria’s keynote performance ‘That’s Just Crazy Talk’! Endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) as an effective anti-stigma tool.

This critically acclaimed theatrical presentation follows her as she faces mental illness within herself and her family, uncovering long kept secrets. A funny, achingly truthful portrayal of the love and resilience it takes to stay together as a family in the midst of illness and the beauty that can result when we face our fears.

Available On-Demand Download or DVD.

Add-on option: live virtual question and answer period with Victoria.

Funny You Don’t Look Crazy

A Story about Mental Illness and Returning to Work

Funny You Don’t Look Crazy unique and compelling, helping people better understand the experience of mental health issues in the workplace; what makes a place of employment healthy and best practices of return to work processes.

Crazy for Life

A Story about Accepting Help for Mental Illness

Experience the award winning keynote Crazy for Life performed live on stage! Travel with Victoria as she rides the waves of bipolar disorder, psychosis and recovery.

Q + A with Keynote Screening

Add a live virtual question and answer period with Victoria, following the screening of her DVDs/Downloads (goes to the bottom of the page).

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