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5 Tips to Beat Perfectionism at Work

I’ve noticed perfectionism hits me hardest at work. Or maybe it’s just easier for me to recognize it in that area of my life. I procrastinate tasks because I’m scared I won’t do it ‘right’. I start getting sleepy, not because I’m tired, but because I’m avoiding a job responsibility I feel has to be […]

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My Strategy for Honoring Work Responsibilities When I Need a ‘Mental Health Day’

I took several mental health days off this past week and will take one today, too.  I didn’t even lie to my boss and say something like, “I think I’m coming down with a cold”. My boss is pretty understanding. I work for myself. After a nudge from my lovely husband and gentle curiosity from […]

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Holiday Hack: Boost Your Mental Health at Work with Mini-Moments of Joy

The holiday season is here, but the joy of it may not be, especially at work. Maintaining good mental health on the job can be a challenge at the best of times. Maintaining it during the holidays can seem impossible.   The pressure of the holly jolly season along with regular workload can give rise to […]

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Other People’s Trauma is Way Worse Than Mine – Or Is It?

Until recently, I never identified as someone who went through childhood trauma. Dysfunctional family dynamics – oh yeah. But trauma? No. Until I started learning about it and talking to my counsellor, Andi.  She knows my psychiatric diagnoses but also all the juicy details of my childhood to adult history. “What you experienced is called […]

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Curb Your Perfectionism: 9 Tips to Rewire Perfectionistic Patterns

December is almost here and the pressure to have the perfect holiday experience can come along with it. Not only that, but we live in an aspirational, Instagram-curated world. Maybe we always have (minus the social media bit). The “great American dream”, “the pursuit of happiness”. Capitalist culture is based on the quest of bigger, […]

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How to Reduce Anxiety and Indecision Using this Simple Strategy

Indecision can fan the flames of anxiety and really do a doozie if you have an anxiety disorder. We live in a society that reveres the ‘just do it’ mentality. Allowing confusion to be part of an effective decision making process just doesn’t jive with our ‘expert-self-reliant-I’ve-got-it-together’ kind of attitude. But here’s the secret. It’s ok to not know; to […]

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Supporting Adult Children with Mental Illness: Resources and Experiences

How do you support an adult child who has a mental illness? How do you as a caregiver hang in there when your adult child, who so clearly needs help, refuses it? I get requests from parents and caregivers just like this every week. Some of you reading this right now may be facing these […]

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Wabi sabi and the Failure Bow Could Just Change Your Life

Wabi-sabi. (Whah-bee/Saw-bee). C’mon say it with me. I know you want to.  Just saying it makes me feel a little better. These two strange words and the concept it encapsulates, has changed the way I look at failure, my mental health, my life, humanity. Seriously. I was introduced to it by the same dear friend […]

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Can This On-Line Productivity App Help Reduce Depression?

I’ve been talking to strangers from foreign countries on-line. Wait. It’s not what you think.  They have prevented me from falling into depression, helped me avoid perfectionism, boosted my productivity, decreased my loneliness and reduced my procrastination.  Are they therapists? Nope. One has been a journalist, a computer programmer, another a business school student. Even […]